Czech people, poor people

I am back from Thailand where I´ve stayed for few months.I´ve lived also in Iceland where I´ve worked more then one year. Nowhere nobody wanted to believe me when I told them about salaries and prices in Czech republic.

I feel always awkward to talk about money in Czech with foreigners. Everyone is kind of expecting that we (Czech) are on the higher level, something between western and eastern Europe. But no. We are so eastern level.

I wanted to help to my Thai friends to get to Europe, to see life here and to earn some money. But I´ve realised that it wouldn´t help them. They would get very similar money like in Thailand. Which seems to be sad because west Europeans visit Thailand because of the cheap prices of everything. One student from Germany told me she has been working for two months and now she can travel in Asia for two months. Easy peasy. If you are Czech you would have hard times to survive 14 days there.

Germans were laughing to me when I told them that we have similar price for a massage like in Thailand. Tourists go for Thai massages three times a day because it is so cheap. I do massages at home.I take the same money for 1,5 hour as for a massage in Thailand. I would be afraid to ask for more and I would feel guilty ( and I hope I am not so bad :D).

Now I was applying for a job in my massaging field. The salary is between 400 – 550 Euro per MONTH. And it is not anything exceptional here. To finish my complaining I have to say that good quality food is for the same price like in Western Europe. Only the beer is cheap. Let´s get drunk …

But the revolution is coming. Chain store Lidl has raised wages up to 850 Euro/ Month for cashiers. Cashiers are gonna have better money then starting doctors, then teachers and many other professions.

P.S. It is only my view, might be right, might be wrong but I see the situation in this way.



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