Differences between our lifes


I feel depressed. I work with 6 girls, each with a different life story. Some of them are from Thailand, some from Cambodia, some of them with no school education, some of them with a university degree, some of them with a children and husband, some of them just alone without anybody. They work whole day. And they sleep in the massaging salon. They dont have any day off. And day earn almost nothing.The massage is so cheap. And the tourists want it even cheaper. They earn basically just for the food and the transport. I really can´t see the point of this kind of life. I feel really depressed.

Many of them think they are ugly and Europeans are beautiful like dolls. They like their big noses, big eyes, fair hair, white skin, their lifestyle. Yeah why not, European girls go to school and have enough time for themselves, for the fashion and beauty and if not at least they don´t work every single whole day. These girls try to earn money for their families, to support their children or siblings during studies. And I am here for 10 hours 6 days a week and feel very depressed because I want to have more free time but by the same time I feel guilty to complain because I know these hardworking people without any money.

I  feel really so depressed.

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