Jungle Trek in Koh Chang


My first trek was in the North part of the island. At first I´ve decided to take the medium difficulty level which means cca 5 hours walk. The longest takes about 8 hours which might be really difficult in the hot humid weather. Especially when you come from the winter in the Europe.

The trek started in a small banana plantation. Our guide Mr. Tan was a smiling nice man with a very good english ( and strong thai accent 🙂 ) . So he explained us everything about plants and animals. He is experienced in guiding in Asia and also Australia so he knows really everything about the nature here and he is very open person and talkative.

After the short easy walk it got steeper and steeper. After 40 minutes we reached quite high point with a beautiful view. And then again steep. After 1,5 hour we were on the top of the mountain and had a rest and snacks. The walk on the top was so relaxing and in front of us was a descent. We were looking forward that but the reality was different. It was really steep steep! With slippery mud and rocks and roots. The hardest parts were fortunately with ropes so we could hold. After maybe 45 minutes we got to a river and were continuing to a waterfall waiting for a cold shower there. We came so sweaty and hungry. After swimming in the clear and cool water and after a relax we continued to the last stop – elephants. Elephants were beautiful but I felt sorry for them. Some people took a ride and some people just felt bad because of the elephants with chains on legs.

Anyway it was a great trip. I saw snakes and exotic bugs and fishes and mainly the jungle finally from inside!

Mr. Tan








Cikada´s home




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