How I ´ve gotten this opportunity to be in Thailand

I wanted to go to Switzerland. Since September. I was applying to each offer of a Spa job there and by one employer it was sooo promising. My cousin was going to work there also which made me looking forward to Alps even more. When I was almost sure that I´ve got this job – I didn´t get it. But I kept applying everywhere in Alps. Between the winter offers were a few from Asia. I wasn´t thinking about Asia at all. I just had this idea about skiing the whole winter in some beautiful resort and to practise massaging in the evenings.

So I also did “ctrl+c” and “ctrl + v” for the Asia offer. I didn´t get any answer from Alps. I got answer  from Asia next morning. With interesting location and conditions ( kind of “Work and Travel”). So we stayed in touch. But very little so I didn´t take it very seriously. Until …

We made a phone call after some week. “Hi Alena, we´ve  an accommodation for you so if you can come to Koh Chang during the first week in November.” It was already October. Me in Iceland. Working. In winter coat and boots. No summer clothes used for 2 years.

So I started packing, panicking, buying flight tickets and searching for informations how it is in Koh Chang and what I need there.It was hard to leave Iceland, and so fast. Yeah but it was probably so fast that I didn´t have a time to realise …

It was nice to be again home. In the fall season. My favorite season. Fruit on trees. Forests and parks in beautiful fall colors.I enjoyed that so much. But I also had to get ready for Thailand. I went many times to Prague because of visa. I was sick because of the vaccination for a few days. And I was searching in my wardrobe for summer clothes and shopping in a summer sales.

That´s how it has happened that I am not skiing in Switzerland but instead of that bathing in the sea and dying in the hot weather in Thailand.


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  1. supersweetserendipityblog · November 19

    Love this post! And gorgeous pics

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