What could happen when you go to Koh Chang …

I ve missed the last bus at 2pm from the Bangkok airport. I came at 2.04 pm. The next bus goes in the morning. So what is the option? What can you do if you are for the first time in Asia with two big luggages? I wanted to scream and shout and to go home, completely exhausted after 10hours at the Moscow airport, after 9 hours flight from Moscow, 2,5 hours flight from Prague, four hours waiting at the Prague airport, 3hours traveling to Prague and waking up at 2am. So what can you do in Bangkok from the afternoon until morning if the only thing you which is to lie down or die?
If you are Alena Sky you can meet Elina Moon right by the sign “Koh Chang”. And you can continue with her because she has the same plan. So we went by an other bus to the half way to Koh Chang- to Pattaya. We slept in a hotel and in the morning there was a pickup for us straight from the hotel to Koh Chang to a ferry. From the ferry we took a taxi which was already full but the driver somehow manage it that we fitted in- little bit out.
Then I met a woman who showed me my accomodation and I started to kill the coackroaches and to be in stress of my bathroom.

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