Awesome summer with my family and friends!

Leaving Reykjavík at 3am

WP_20160728_020 (2)

Finally summer at home, watermelon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yum!

WP_20160801_010 (3)

Favorite youngest family members!

WP_20160730_005 (2)WP_20160730_006

Pusheen, the cat

WP_20160804_001 (2)

On bike, the best relax ever

WP_20160804_167 (2)WP_20160804_051 (2)

Down there Chvalčov and Bystřice


Sunbathing, my lack of  vitamin D from the sun

WP_20160805_004 (4) ()

WP_20160808_039 (2)WP_20160808_027 (2)

Mountain bike marathon in our town – “Life is racing. Everything else is waiting.”

WP_20160806_008 (2)

Star wars Peta – see you in Hawaii

WP_20160807_004 (2)

Ready for wakeboard


Beautifull Mikulov, at cafe Dolce Vita

WP_20160809_013WP_20160809_005 (2)WP_20160809_001 (2)

Daddys slivovice – garden party with beer and tomatoes

WP_20160803_002 (2)

A lot of travelling with refreshments

WP_20160812_006 (2)

The best at the end, in Zoo

WP_20160811_030 (2)

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