Last weeks were more about people…


… because I think I already miss  the civilization!

I´ve been back home for few days because of my dad and his birthday. Sooo nice to be with my whole family! And also to meet old friends! But in the same time I did this crazy thing with my hair so I am blonde for the first time. But still can´t get use to it. 


I gave to my dad for his birthday an Iceladic sheep skin. It seems he likes it 😀



Then I brought my mum and her sister to Iceland. To show them places where I live and where I´ve lived.  Sooo nice to see Inga and Vignir in Kolugil again!

WP_20160412_083 (2)


In Kolugil


Then I´ve met crazy Americans Jeremy and Matt in the North in a hostel in the best hot tub with the view on the ocean ( and we jumped into this freezing cold ocean water!). And then they visited me in the South and we did again more hot springs.

The whole last week were the best Northern lights ever. Looking like fireworks of all colors!

And between that we celebrated with Steindór the first summer day in Iceland and he played a piano and we ate outside and had first this year´s ice cream ( maybe also the last :D).


Now just one week and I have to leave my beautiful cozy cottage. But I´ll be back in the civilization, I look foward to live in Reykjavík!



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