The unsaid facts about Iceland! Did not I tell you?

  1. April Edition

As every country also Iceland has own dark side (yes, that perfect Iceland!!!Unbelievable!!)! It is not only about amazing waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes, glaciers, … There is something what Icelanders don´t tell to you before you come and maybe also not after that… you will just see. I made this list to help you to prevent a first shock.

The very new airport control

Europe is obsessed with terrorists, in Iceland are obsessed with feminists and homosexuals. Once you enter to Iceland you are putted in front of the screen. On the screen you will watch few pictures with subject of homosexuality and women in leadership positions. The computer will check your face expression while you are watching. At the end you will get the rating if you are eligible to stay in homo-femo friendly country.

Eggy smell

That hot water smells like an egg here, everybody knows … So just imagine morning in streets of Reykjavik, all Icelanders having a shower, then open windows and Reykjavík is soaked in a strong eggy smell and a steam from their bathrooms. Morning experience only for strong stomachs!


Fish ice cream

Iceland has a delicious creamy ice cream. But they also love fermented shark (a shark fermented in his own urine, that´s why that smell). So why not to connect this two beloved flavors? You can get one in most of  confectioner´s .


In the middle

Do you know what is in the middle of this island? Have you been there or do you know anybody who has been there? Probably not. Around this middle are maybe two roads which you are not allowed to drive on. These kinds of “F” roads are banned by car rentals. But if you go just closer to the middle of island you can see lots and lots of technical man-made things! Few people wanted to cross whole Iceland but many of them had to be rescued ( but hadn´t they been just stopped of government because they could see to much?).  This part of Iceland remains a mystery.


No Moon

When I came to Iceland it was just before the full moon period. I really like watching full Moon. But my friend – Icelander – told me that nothing like this exists here. I thought that it is impossible. But really. Because of the ankle of the Earth´s axis and very bright Northern lights in Iceland there is no Moon visible. Poor Icelanders.



Alcohol is only in special shops. Opening time is very early morning (3-5 am) during the week and before noon (9-11 am) also during the week so the children can´t see people buying alcohol. Like a prevention of young alcoholism. And actually the alcoholism at all.




And yes, a toilet topic at the end. Except Reykjavík is a toilet always outside of a house. Older houses have the traditional wooden toilet but the new houses are modern. There is a heated path to that and are more isolated from the wind so you feel more comfortable inside the room.









  1. SDJ · April 1, 2016

    Hahahah. What month is it?


    • Alena · April 1, 2016

      Steindor, I think we should take this seriously today!


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