Last weeks were more about people…


… because I think I already miss  the civilization!

I´ve been back home for few days because of my dad and his birthday. Sooo nice to be with my whole family! And also to meet old friends! But in the same time I did this crazy thing with my hair so I am blonde for the first time. But still can´t get use to it.  Read More

The unsaid facts about Iceland! Did not I tell you?

  1. April Edition

As every country also Iceland has own dark side (yes, that perfect Iceland!!!Unbelievable!!)! It is not only about amazing waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes, glaciers, … There is something what Icelanders don´t tell to you before you come and maybe also not after that… you will just see. I made this list to help you to prevent a first shock.

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