When it comes naturally/ Když to přijde samo

Idealni rano je, kdyz se probudite sami, kdy chcete, ale take neni vůbec spatne, kdyz vas z postele nenasilne vytahne slunce a kocour,ktery si vas z nejakeho duvodu oblibil a chodi na navstevu z nedaleke farmy. A neni to ledajaky kocour! Krasny velky stribrny se spiralou po stranach. Chvili se ohreje a zmizi.Zmizi, kdy se mu zachce. Nebydli tu a neni ani muj, ani ho nekrmim. Nevlastním ho a uz se o to ani nesnazim. Není to dulezite a ani to neni potreba. Vim, ze i presto zase prijde. Protoze ho mam proste rada a on me. To staci ne?

Jo, a smrdi jako kun, ale on je ma proste rad …

The ideal morning is when you wake up by yourself. But it isn´t also bad when you are waked up by sun and by a cat, which likes you for some reason and visiting you. And it is not only an ordinary cat! It is beautiful big and silver with a spiral on the sides. He stays for a while and disappear. Disappear when he wants to. He doesn´t live here, isn´t mine, I don´t feed him. I don´t own him and I haven´t tried to own him anymore. It is not important and not necessary. I know although he will come again. Just because I like him and he likes me too. It´s sufficient, isn´t it?

And he smells like a horse, but he just likes horses …

InstagramCapture_ab9c5b37-6fb8-48dc-91ce-9e8b4c79ed1bWP_20160302_001 (2)

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