Water and massages and northern lights


It´s been one month already! Wooow! I´ve been here for one month already! I´ve seen and tried and met so much new!

I´ve been almost every day in a hot natural water. The water doesn´t have same temperature every night. Depends on the weather, wind, humidity and also on the hot spring! Just one degree could make a big difference. Yeah, so sometimes we are boiled.

I´ve massaged about hundred bodies. I am talking about bodies not about persons. I try to relax body. If the body is relaxed then the mind could relax too. During the massage I think only about the part of body I am massaging. There is no judging, no attraction, no dislike. Just muscles and me.

WP_20160215_013 (2)

I´ve seen northern lights so many times, many different shapes and brightness, also in purple color not only green. People come usually to celebrate their birthday and it is such a nice present for them to see the aurora especially for the first time. When I am going back from the lagoon job it is about 1-2am so I stop usually on the hill to watch this night sky and stars and lights. And actually it is right next to the waste container but it doesn´t ruin the atmosphere ( yeah, waste container in the nature on the nice place on a little hill, horses around, I really like this place).


And I still like my cottage so much! Very cozy and my shelter from the wind and storm. But I find the weather quite nice. Just two storms in one month! The second one was so boring that I´ve spent that night with tourists in lagoon in water and outside boiling eggs and walking around lagoon in the rain and wind. The nice weather you can see from my pictures. Days are getting longer what is annoying in the morning when I want to sleep at least till ten. Daylight lasts from about 9am till about 6.30pm.

EasySelfie00200 (3) ()

Sometimes I drive to Reykjavik. The journey is always different and takes a different time. The worst part is to cross a huge mountain before Reykjavik. But not only that part. Sometimes the road n.1 could look like a shit, worse than gravel roads … And then it is real fun to drive my small car! I would never believe that I would be able to drive in snow and on ice like this.

But why not? Everything is possible and the only problem is usually our mind which could stop us …


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