Bylo nás devět,a pak už jen osm

Dovolte mi představit hvězdnou skupinu lidí, se kterými se (v různém složení) setkávám jednou za rok. Až na jednu členku jsou všichni svobodní a bezdětní. Až na jednu členku mají všichni práci. Všichni dokončili vysokou školu, všichni dokončili maturitu a všichni chodili do stejné třídy na gymnázium. Jsou zdraví, veselí, s velkými plány do budoucna. No nejsou úžasní?

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Three awesome weeks in Prague

After the awesome summer and autumn in Iceland I´ve decided to go to Prague. But not because of the city. Because of a course – massage course in Dexter academy. I was never thinking about that. The decision was from minute to minute. Only problem was an accommodation. Fortunately one of my friend has offered me a place in her room (actually she was the first person who I´ve seen in Czech after Iceland!).

Soooo, now I´ve got the basic certificate for massages, I am the masseuse (!!!) and I can go my own way in some specialization.

These three weeks has been awesome because of the people I´ve met. People from business who have changed or wanted to change the way of their life, esoteric and very sensitive people, young and older, czech and foreigners, people with unusual interesting life stories. Every lunch break I´ve tried to spent with different people of our course to find more about them because everyone has been so interesting! (but I haven´t been successful with everyone …)

I´ve tried original thai food, vietnamese soup, raw food salads, marinated broccoli leaves, my beloved Burger King :))).I´ve heard beautiful musical singing, I´ve played on a tibetan bowl and some old small czech weird instrument, I´ve found a lot about India and indian language, about Shamans and rituals (actually I would try one!) , about yoga and energies, about Staffordshire Bull Terrier and about dangerous parts in Prague. And the main thing! I can recognize bones, muscles and their function, I can do lava stone massage, honey massage, relax massage, sporting massage… because of our great lector !!!

And now … I will see again what life will bring …
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