Westman island Heimaey and puffins!

This island is very close to Hella and the place where I live now. I ´ve never been there before and yesterday was just the perfect sunny autumn day to see the next piece of Iceland. I left car in the car park, took ferry and came to the only town there, Vestmannaeyjar. Then I was walking, hitchhiking to the most southern spot of the island (it is not so far but I wanted to safe time), and hiking to the volcano Eldfell. This volcano erupted in 1973 which was disaster for the town. You can find here also a museum of the volcano.





A building in the harbor



Totti – the most famous puffin in Aquarium

WP_20150924_049 WP_20150924_050_Fotor

Walk to the windiest spot in Iceland – Stórhöfði. It is the south part of island.

WP_20150924_085_Fotor WP_20150924_100_Fotor WP_20150924_129_Fotor

A view from the south over the whole island


A bird watching place – I saw many and many puffins


Hiking to the top of the volcano Eldfell

WP_20150924_182_Fotor WP_20150924_163_Fotor EasySelfie00127_Fotor

Still hot!


Lava on the top is red


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