My rainbow trip to the waterfall Glymur!

Glymur is one of the hidden waterfalls and one of the highest in Iceland. That time I thought it is the highest one but it isn´t anymore. Anyway hiking to this place takes about one hour through the beautiful nature. There are many ropes to hold and to feel safe on the dangerous paths. You have to also cross a wide river over timbers. But it ´s worth it and I find it like a fun.

Tento výlet jsem podnikla s myšlenkou, že jdu k nejvyššímu vodopádu na Islandu. Ale při psaní tohoto článku jsem zjistila, že ho v roce 2011 předběhl jiný vodopád.

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Westman island Heimaey and puffins!

This island is very close to Hella and the place where I live now. I ´ve never been there before and yesterday was just the perfect sunny autumn day to see the next piece of Iceland. I left car in the car park, took ferry and came to the only town there, Vestmannaeyjar. Then I was walking, hitchhiking to the most southern spot of the island (it is not so far but I wanted to safe time), and hiking to the volcano Eldfell. This volcano erupted in 1973 which was disaster for the town. You can find here also a museum of the volcano.

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Relaxing afternoon by waterfalls

The place where I live now is in the middle of many beautiful spots. I can just take a car after work and spent sunny afternoon in this stunning nature. We were sunbathing on the grass by waterfall Seljalandsfoss and the hidden one Gljúfurárfoss. Watching tourists, enjoying the beautiful weather and the nature around and doing nothing sound like good way how to enjoy Iceland.

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Hot spring by Eyjafjallajökull

Close to the Eyjafjallajökull visitor center is hidden Seljavallalaug, the hot spring. It is short walk along a river in the stunning nature. You will find yourself in the middle of a paradise. Unfortunatelly the swimming pool was closed. They did some cleaning. Anyway that short walk was worth it!

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Icelandic candy! (yuck, ble, fuj)

If you say candy I can imagine something nice sweet. In Iceland is no nice sweet candy popular. In Iceland is popular a licorice. It doesn´t sound bad, some people like it. A licorice with a marzipan or a chocolate, yes. But have you tried it with salt? A lot of salt? It is almost painful in your mouth. That is so special.

Slaná lékořice? Ano, jeden z nejoblíbenějších bonbónů. Je to tak slané, že to až v puse bolí.

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