Reykjavik, baby…

This weekend was festival weekend Verslunarmannahelgi in whole Iceland. Many people moved for that occasion to the south on the small island Thjodhatid where is the biggest party. I´ ve spent that days in Reykjavik.

I booked the accommodation on And I was very satisfied. My room looked more like a hotel room!


I went straight to the streets … the main street Laugavegur and Down Town


I wanted to eat something special but I was not happy to see a death whale.


I went for Ramen soup close to the harbor.



I also want to try the oldest Reykjavik Hot Dog!


At night I visited famous club Hresso, with outdoor heating looks good also for smokers. And then one of the most English pubs with good life band and beer Icelandic Viking. After few beers there was a problem. How to get home? I had feeling that my GPS system is wrong. So I went rather other direction. After more then one hour I got to my apartment. And in one hour my tour Golden Circle and South coast had to start. Doesn´t matter, I had known many streets of Reykjavik!


But at seven I was ready for the ride!


On Saturday and Sunday is inside flea market in the harbor. I bought that smelly shark there! By this woman for 200 ISK.


I opened that first in this cool old pub.


The right Icelandic should eat this shark with alcohol Brennin ( Black death). But shops with alcohol has been closed. I tried that with beer.


And … that was worse that I expected. The worst food ever! But the beer helps a little, thanks God…


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