Just Icelandic things

I don´t know yet if all that things are typical over whole island but in the area where I live it is just normal thing.

1. Free good coffee everywhere. You can have a cup of a nice coffee in the shop, in the restaurant for free. It is just prepared for you on the table in the thermos.


2. Licorice everywhere. It is hard to find licorice free sweet. It is in the cakes, ice cream, haribo and especially in chocolate bars. The most yuck sweet is the small gummy sweet Opalis. Tastes like salted licorice.

3. Dried fish. It is little bit like a sawdust eating but I like it.

4. Going to sleep very very late, after midnight including children. But then you can get up very very late.

5. A lot of water. Good water. You can waste with water and you can also drink it from the river.

6. Free range meat. Very tasty meat of sheep and cows. Also bio vegetable without chemicals because bugs are not here.

7. Long driving. I haven´t seen bus stops yet. Here is no train. You have to drive a car and the distances are very long. Or longer than I know.

8. Alcohol is expensive. And only in special shops. Legal drinking age is 20. But they like beer and drinking.

9. Here is many good dairy products. Runny yogurts are also in the same big tetra packs like milk. The special is Skyr – very thick creamy yogurt with  various flavors.


10. Teas are black, green, fruity but if you want some herbal you will find mainly only with the fennel and anise (just taste like licorice).

11. The blue flowers lupina are spread over the Iceland. It is knapweed. It is nice but somebody hate that.


12. Here is no time and no plans .You just want to do anything anytime.

13. Some Icelandic people are very tall. Also women. I have never seen so many big and huge women (not fat and not many, just more then I have ever seen). And it is typical and popular question here : How tall are you?

14. Not using “sorry” or any apologize ( sure in their language). Things just have happened and there is no reason to more comments.

15. Internet everywhere.

16. Icelandic people travel a lot abroad. Maybe not very often, but they usually have seen many countries.

17.  Many swans. Farmers don´t like them because swans eat a lot of theirs grass.

I am going to continue later in this list …

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