Iceland calling

The flight takes about 5 hours from Rome to Keflavik. The Rome Fiumicino is one big mess in everything. I was happy that I got off that. In Keflavik at midnight was different atmosphere. Calmer and friendlier.


What got me – the woman in a busy money exchange behind the counter – did a jokes! She gave me for many euros just handful of coins with words “enjoy Iceland!”. I asked her if that´s all and felt quite poor. She looked at me with smile “nope, just kidding!” and gave me a stack of paper money. Than Inga came for me by car with a cart if I have a big luggage… just kidding. The way took more than 3 hours.WP_20150715_019

Now I am on the farm on the northwest near Hvammstangi. Everybody is friendly. Here is no stress. Day starts about 10-12 in the morning and finishes same time in the evening. It is not very dark at night. And everything is easy. Here are no plans just waiting what life brings.


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