First impressions of Iceland

Well, it is cold windy outside. I expected that but my Icelandic family is surprise of this weather! Maybe it will come something warmer …

They are very friendly. I´ve never seen them to lock the house. If any guests come (very very often) they just go inside and have some coffee or tea and chatting and chatting.

Here is no time. Doing anything anytime (maybe because of the daylight). They go to sleep very late.

The houses are quite small with big windows. My curtain is with Hello Kitty :).

They eat their free range meat. That means cows, sheep, horses and salmons. They also produce sort of yogurt, cheese and great feta cheese. Bread is also very nice with the seeds. The vegetable and fruit is like everywhere, nothing special. They like lot of sweet.

This is what I´ve found out till today.

I live on this farm.


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