Just Icelandic things

I don´t know yet if all that things are typical over whole island but in the area where I live it is just normal thing.

1. Free good coffee everywhere. You can have a cup of a nice coffee in the shop, in the restaurant for free. It is just prepared for you on the table in the thermos. Read More

Farmers have fun!

Party yesterday! Yeaaah! In the house of culture in Hvammstangi. Great atmosphere and band! They played world music and also Icelandic. What was wrong? There was no refreshment! People had own drinks from home and I drank water from toilets ( I was driving home …).

Iceland calling

The flight takes about 5 hours from Rome to Keflavik. The Rome Fiumicino is one big mess in everything. I was happy that I got off that. In Keflavik at midnight was different atmosphere. Calmer and friendlier. Read More