Cat cafe in Prague neboli Kavárna Kočičí

There is a new cafe about half an year. Top floor if you really want to eat, the lower floor if you want to “share” with cats.

Probably, you will not visit this place because of the food but I can recommend it. You could try homemade soup, quiche, lemonade and cake. Price includes cat´s couvert  that means some contribution for their cats and cats in shelter (these cats are also from shelter!).

IMG_20150221_123351_Fotor IMG_20150221_123359_Fotor

Just one cat is not from shelter. Her name is Matylda and is so cute!

IMG_20141206_120005_Fotor IMG_20141206_120810_Fotor

You could relax, play or watch cats in very nice atmosphere on comfortable sofas and chairs.

IMG_20141206_115559_Fotor IMG_20150221_122251_Fotor IMG_20141206_120100_Fotor

Cat cafe is easily accessible from central station, direction Karlin theater.

Address: Křižíkova 22, Prague

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