Dubai 11/2014

My first flight with Emirates with very warm welcome! I got double portion of wine, biscuits, nice food in a box, shots … Then I spent 4 days by my friend who was my guide ( mostly during tour de bar).

First night we´ve visited some music bar looking like a circus! Unbelievable – the tallest man, woman with tens needles in her skin, other women like witches, liliputs dancing in bizarre costumes, just freak show.

Next day was by the pool in the hotel Purobeach Urban Oasis. Very pleasant atmosphere with a green around. Our main entertainment was watching posh people.

IMG_20141115_120338 IMG_20141115_090800


Second day relaxing by the pool on the roof of our flat. Not bad!


In the evening we went to the desert. Our program has been ride in the dunes, camel ride, dinner with show, tattoo, sheesha. I love desert ( thinking about Little prince).

IMG_20141116_140112 IMG_20141116_160809 IMG_4016 IMG_3954 IMG_3964 IMG_3987 IMG_3994

But evening was not ending! The main part of my visit – night life!

Cavalli club


Armani club


The Observatory, ladies night


View of the bar 360


Home, private afterparty


Next day beach, finally!

IMG_4061 IMG_4074


And the evening? Party in Versace club and then ride of my life. Drunk, speed, Maserati.


And of course … I´ve seen this highest building Burj Khalifa.


And aquarium in The Mall.


And I destroyed my stomach by curry hot foods for next 14 days … But I still love that tastes.


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