Kos – Greece 8/2014

My first trip with the travel agency. Actually, not bad! Everything was prepared for us. Travel agent has been waiting in the airport hall, bus took us in front the door of our accommodation, delegate gave us information about island, interesting places and his phone number if we need whatever.

First thing we did – hiring of scooter and exploring beaches.

IMG_20140813_114812 IMG_20140813_114625 2014-08-12-5220


Sea is very clear but there is no sea life. Beaches are artificially formed. Just one beach has own nature charm – but with difficult steep access. In the part Kefalos Cavo paradiso. I can´t recommended with scooter. It is easy to get defect because the road is unpaved. You also can´t go because it is quite far from the village or from the road. But if you get there you will not be disappointed.

IMG_20140813_120536 IMG_20140813_151032 2014-08-12-5280 2014-08-12-5271


Kos is full of this stylish lanterns and cats.


Interesting place is park with peacocks and cats.


Or antic Palio Pyli – ruins of the castle.

2014-08-11-5165 2014-08-11-5190

The city Kos and its surroundings is very interesting, connected with Hipocrates. We have visited sea thermal springs Agios Fokas in the moonlit night. Look like cove bordered stones. Inside are springs and the waves coming from the sea are cooling water inside.

And the food! Delicious mousaka, fresh greece salad with cheese feta and oregano chips.

IMG_20140813_172309 2014-08-10-5131

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