Budapest and Balaton 8/2014

Nice city, not expensive, but I did not see the historical value. Most of it´s sighseesing is from 19. century. I prefer older mysterious cities, but I had really good time with my cousin.


IMG_20140805_154242 IMG_20140805_155223 IMG_20140805_162935

Our best experience has been in Cat cafe.

IMG_20140805_133638 IMG_20140805_123551 IMG_20140805_122846

There is also a lot of typical oldschool thermals.


Next stop has been Fisherman´s bastion. Nice white towers.

IMG_20140806_140436 IMG_20140806_140742This was very impressive. The memorial of holocaust – in 1945 Jews living in Budapest had to leave their shoes on the bank and were shot. There are steely shoes to commemorate this incident.


Balaton! The famous lake!



The biggest langoš on the world!


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